Stephen Miller


My childhood dream is to make a videogame. That's why I started to learn programming.



Berry and his friends count on you! Evil monsters invaded the candy world and stole all the candies. But you and our heroes are here to save their candy world! Use their powers to destroy the monsters in this cozy 2D adventure game!

Released: 2018 December 14.

Space Oddity

As the last survivor in the deep space... Gather resources, fight with space pirates, upgrade your ship and explore the misteries of the galaxy. Plenty of spaceships, upgrades, various gamemodes, challenges for you and your friends and many more features! Space Oddity firstly comes to Android and iOS platforms.

Planned release date: TBD

University Daily Bottle Cap

Daily wisdom on your phone for every university student, from quality Miller beer bottle cap

Planned release date: TBD


A game that almost has the same development story as Duke Nukem Forever. It could have been a finished game but in the end it was thrown out to the trash. You can read more down below.

Release date: Cancelled



An open source, simple markdown editor with colored syntax highlight and with customizable css.

Status: In development

Source Code is available on GitHub

Stephen's Ultimate Arduino Collection

You are not the only one who bought a new insteresting thing for Arduino, but you don't know how to use it. The first thing you do, you search for [interestingthingyoubought] arduino tutorial... And you find a ton of instructions. Sometimes a lot of incorrect instruction, that show you a buggy code, without the needed library, or the worst you can find, incorrect circuit diagram that can burn your new thing. I'm tired about that, so I created a place to collect here the perfect tutorials for the most sensors and accessories!

Source Code is available on GitHub


A simple two player Pong game, made using Arduino UNO and TVout Library.

Source Code is available on GitHub


A CMS written for my website.

Status: In development

Source Code is available on GitHub


OrangePi Handheld Console

This is the prototype build of my handheld RetroPie console, based on the OrangePi PC Plus linux board. It has a 3,5" 480x320 LCD, and a 5200mAh battery.

Status: In development

PlayStation 2 Homebrew

Here you can find some interesting stuff about PS2 homebrew developing, also documents, SDK's and articles.